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Tools to take action

AJA's Myths and Facts about Asylum Seekers

Essential information. Next time someone says that asylum seekers are 'queue-jumpers' or 'illegals', you'll be able to tell them the real facts.

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Campaign against media use of 'illegals'

Some media commentators or politicians may use the terms 'illegals', 'illegal immigrants' or 'illegal arrivals' when referring to asylum seekers. Such usage is incorrect, misleading and pejorative. Read this guide for what action to take whenever you see this happen.
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Handy statistics on asylum seekers and refugees

Statistics that bely the claims that asylum seekers are 'flooding' into Australia and must be stopped at any length.

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How to run a forum

The Justice Project have prepared a guide on how to run your own public forum.
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Information papers for AJA's 2009 Annual General Meeting

Click here for information relating to AJA's 8th Annual General Meeting, including details of the Special Resolution which will be proposed.
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Letter Writing

We have prepared a general guide on letter writing as well as made some pro-forma letters you can use to contact politicians on various issues and contact lists.
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Lobby Kit

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National Services Directory

National directory of services for individual refugees and asylum seekers. Prepared by the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
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Welcome Towns

The Refugee Council has a progam where local councils or towns can sign a declaration that their area is a Welcome Zone for refugees. Read the guide to see how you can push for your local council to sign this declaration.
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